Best Body Guide - Volume 7 Canadian Edition

$16.99 USD

The Best Body Guide, Volume 7 presented by STRONG Fitness Magazine is a dynamic and empowering special issue focused on women's strength training. Packed with expertly designed complete workouts targeting specific body parts/muscle groups, PLUS a unique mix and match system that allows you to customize your own workouts, the latest Volume in our The Best Body Guide series delivers everything you need to train for the results you want to see and feel, no matter your current level of fitness. What's more, with every exercise and workout, you'll find inspirational stories and practical Pro tips from all of the women featured in this premium Guide—and if you have questions along the way, you can easily use the QR codes included throughout The Best Body Guide to connect with each and every one of them! If your goal is to get STRONGer and build your best body ever, you can do it with The Best Body Guide, Volume 7! We got you, girl. Every rep of the way. Choose your favourite cover and get your copy now to get started. Available in print (across North America) and digital. 


Best Body Guide 2024 by STRONG Fitness Magazine is now available in digital, print, and combo options.