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Unleash the Strength Within at STRONGCAMP. Where STRONG Fitness Magazine Comes to Life!

STRONGCAMP is a weekend for women of all fitness levels to come together and celebrate their strengths. STRONGCAMP is more than a bootcamp.  It is an opportunity to push your limits, recharge your motivation, and boost your confidence while making connections with others who are as passionate and unique as you are.  You will train with respected fitness experts and industry icons, and learn invaluable information for taking your fitness to the next level and improving your health.

From exciting workouts and new training techniques to informative seminars and yoga practice, you’ll step outside your comfort zone and discover how strong you really are. This weekend is an extraordinary experience that is sure to become a memorable part of your fitness journey.

Join Our Mission to Motivate, Educate & Empower Women to Achieve a Fit & Healthy Life.

Focus on Community

The morning kicks off with a break out session where you get to meet your fellow STRONGCAMP sisters for the weekend. Once the workout is completed, you’ll get together for the STRONGCAMP group photo.

Focus on Education

STRONGCAMP includes seminars where attendees can learn new techniques and gather information about training, nutrition, and wellness. It provides an opportunity to ask questions and gain insights from experts in the field.

Focus on Wellness

A portion of the weekend will focus on wellness. During this segment, you will be guided through yoga practice which will allow you to reflect and focus on your body.

Inclusive Atmosphere

All fitness levels are welcome at STRONGCAMP. Whether someone is an athlete or a beginner, they can participate and benefit from the camp. Exercises can be adjusted to accommodate different fitness levels and any existing injuries.

Schedule Overview

The camp takes place over a weekend, typically on Saturdays and Sundays. The mornings begin with a breakout session to meet fellow attendees, receive complimentary merchandise, and take the group photo. Workouts, seminars, and yoga practice are also included throughout the weekend.

Photography & Media Coverage

STRONGCAMP is often photographed by industry icon Paul Buceta, the chief photographer of STRONG Fitness Magazine. The camps are featured in the magazine, and attendees gain access to the images captured during the event.

Training, Nutrition, and Health

STRONGCAMP combines these three elements to provide a holistic approach to fitness. It aims to push limits, recharge motivation, and boost confidence.

Expert Guidance

Attendees will have the opportunity to train with respected fitness experts and industry icons who can provide valuable insights and knowledge to help take their fitness journey to the next level.

Extraordinary Experience

The overall aim of STRONGCamp is to provide an extraordinary experience that challenges participants physically and mentally while fostering a supportive and empowering community. It's an opportunity for women to explore their strengths, improve their fitness, and make lasting connections with others who share a passion for health and wellness.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
“It’s an experience that will remain with you forever. I left with such inspiration and motivation. It is an investment in yourself that is so worth it!”
— Deborah Bonfiglio, Featured Camper, STRONGCAMP Toronto
Customer reviews
“We had an amazing ambassador, and the team of guests that she put together was inspirational, life changing, and taught me so much. I loved how this camp incorporated everything from the inside out, including mind and body.”
— Sarah Kassimer, STRONGCAMP Toronto
Customer reviews
It's an inspring weekend. You meet as strangers and leave as friends.
— Betty Fenner Lynbrook, NY
Customer reviews
STRONGCAMP to me is a rejuvenation. Women empowering women. It’s mindfulness, invigorating, encouraging and rejuvenation!
— Chris Hogan Suffield, CT

Meet the STRONGCAMP Ambassadors!

STRONGCAMP Ambassadors are certified personal trainers, and experts in other related fields.

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STRONGCAMP is a weekend for women that combines training, nutrition and health, bringing STRONG Fitness Magazine to life.  The entire experience is photographed.  Every STRONGCAMP is featured in STRONG Fitness Magazine and the many of the pictures are used on our website.  Attendees also have access to all the images taken throughout the camp.

STRONGCAMP is more than a bootcamp.  It is an opportunity to push your limits, recharge your motivation, and boost your confidence while making connections with others who are as passionate and unique as you are.  You will train with respected fitness experts and industry icons, learn invaluable information and take your fitness and health to the next level.You will arrive strong and leave stronger.

What does STRONGCAMP cost?

2-Day STRONGCAMP Weekend Events are $349.00

1-Day STRONGCAMP Events are $249.00

What does the cost cover?

The STRONGCAMP price includes a weekend of fun and challenging workouts and interesting seminars. You will utilizing a variety of equipment and learn new techniques and exercises. Workouts will span a range of intensity levels and may be held both indoors and out. Your day may include activities such as boxing/ kickboxing, circuit training, beach workouts, hiking, self defense, and yoga to name a few, as well as nutritional seminars, training and motivational talks.

Your STRONGCAMP weekend includes a STRONG tank, hat, raffle prizes and a gift bag filled with goodies. You will be given access to all the images taken by the STRONGCAMP photographer. Every STRONGCAMP will be featured in an issue of STRONG Fitness Magazine.

What are the hours of STRONGCAMP

The hours of STRONGCAMP may vary slightly for each camp.

The approximate times are:

Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sunday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Will I be able to do the workouts?

Yes! STRONGCAMP is for all women, of any age or ability, who are interested in taking charge of their health.  Your ambassador will show modifications which can be applied to the exercises, making them suitable for all fitness levels. STRONGCAMP welcomes women to challenge themselves in a positive and encouraging environment.

What do I bring with me to STRONGCAMP?
  • Comfortable workout clothes and gym shoes
  • An extra pair of gym shoes are recommended as some STRONGCAMP activities may be held outdoors —  such as trail hikes, runs and relays
  • Meals, drinks and snacks you wish to have during lunch or throughout the day
  • Gym towel, hat, hair ties, sunglasses, SPF
  • Yoga mat
  • Water bottle
  • Pen & paper to take notes
  • I.D. and medical info in case of emergency
  • Bring any fitness industry-related questions for our professional and STRONG Fitness Magazine staff
  • Many girls meet up Saturday evening for dinner so you may want to bring an evening outfit
  • Camera to share all of your STRONGCAMP moments!
Is lunch and/or food provided each day?

Lunch is not provided unless otherwise noted.  Everyone is responsible for their meals.  You may bring food with you and eat anytime during seminars, the format is casual (there may not be access to refrigerators or microwaves in all locations).

During the lunch break, you may stay and eat your packed meal or you may go out to lunch with or without the group within the scheduled lunch hour.

Does the price include hotel accommodations?

Hotel, food, and air travel are not included in the cost of STRONGCAMP.  You will receive the host hotel booking information approximately 4-6 weeks before your STRONGCAMP date.  You are responsible for securing your reservation.  STRONGCAMP does not guarantee any hotel pricing.  You are welcome to book any accommodation of your choice.

Do I have to stay at the recommended hotel if I live local?


The host hotel is a recommended location for anyone from ‘out of town’, who is not familiar with the area.

How do I get from the airport to the hotel if I am flying?

You are responsible for your own transportation throughout STRONGCAMP weekend. However, feel free to stay in touch with the STRONGCAMP Facebook Group to see if there is anyone looking to share a hotel room and/or a ride from the airport for your particular location.

Can I cancel my STRONGCAMP after I have paid?

You can always cancel your STRONGCAMP. Refunds will given up to two weeks prior to the STRONGCAMP date registered for.

Would a STRONGCAMP ever get cancelled?

We can’t foresee all scenarios however, should a camp be cancelled all payments will be refunded or transferred to another camp at your choice. We are not responsible for travel costs incurred.

How do I become a STRONGCAMP Ambassador?

STRONGCAMP Ambassadors are certified fitness professionals with the compassion and enthusiasm to help others achieve their fitness goals. If you think you have what it takes,click here to apply!